02 May 2012


GUESS WHAT?!  I just bought a house. 

Long long long story short-I put in an offer on this house about a month ago and it was accepted! I was so excited until the next day when the owner and his agent began trying to get out of the contract. Well, throughout the past 30 days the owner and his agent tried everything they could including lying, threatening, and alleging some pretty awful things. As you can imagine I assumed I was pretty much screwed in the deal and, as a first time home buyer, I didn't know much but I knew for sure their behavior was not only unethical but probably illegal (which our attorney confirmed). I was so bummed for weeks feeling as though there was no one protecting me- not even the law- and terribly frustrated with the mean people (mean people are mean and make me sad). Blah blah blah, anyways- we were instructed by our attorney to follow through on everything we were supposed to do as any slip up would be considered a breach of contract and we would not be able to pursue reimbursement for any money lost. We went to the final walk through on the date of closing and the folks never showed up to let us in. We stuck around for 45 minutes to cover our bums then hung our heads and left. It was over. That was it. All we could do at this point was try and get some of our money back. Untilllllll...

About an hour later I received an email from title company saying the owner was going in at 2 to sign the closing paperwork. WAIT WHAT?? I was sooo confused. I'm still confused. By 3 the paperwork was signed and the keys had been handed over. By 5 the locks were changed, a security system was put in and all was recorded putting the home in my name. Whew. Insane.

Anyways, I hope you're super excited for lots of neat interior design inspiration in the coming weeks. I sure am : ) Oh and speaking of that- if you have a pinterest and are super obsessed like I am you should hit me up on there. Help me figure out how to decorate my new house!

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  1. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Did you see the article in the College Times?? http://www.ecollegetimes.com/

    I also posted some of the photos on my blog: http://adrianlovesowls.blogspot.com/2012/05/from-weekend.html

    xx Adrian


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