09 August 2012

Home Inspiration || Exterior

Although our house is old, a canadian flipper bought the place, fixed her up- turning the garage into the third bedroom and closing in the patio to create additional space which has become our entryway/music area. I initially wanted a house with all the old touches but, to be completely honest, everything in our neighborhood was either a piece of shit money pit or way our of my price range. I quickly began to realize that this house, though not my dream home, would be an amazing starter home for us as we grow into a family and it was quite a deal for our neighborhood (being in the neighborhood was the one thing i for sure wanted and did not want to sacrifice on). Since it's lacking in the old touches, I've decided to depart from my traditionally grandma chic style and turn our home into a retro modern haven. The flipper painted it with a pretty sweet, somewhat modern color scheme- grey-y beige with black shutters and a pretty blue door- so we are off to good start.

Our house has no patios. Ya hear that?? Honestly it's my one biggest complaint. I love love love being outside. So I'd like to make a slat wall out front to create a small shaded patio right outside our front door. 
We re-did the landscaping at the house. Apparently mister Canadian flipper was a bit unaware of  our desert landscape and made some silly mistakes- like planting dessert plants in grass. We decided we would rather use our water to grow food and planted cactus and other desert plants in the front- again, not my usual cottage look but a smart move I think. We planted some cactus like these on either side of our large window. I can't wait till they grow big. 
I eventually want to get a more sleek front door. This one is sexy.

I'd love to do something like this to bring some color and texture to the back yard. 
Gotta have a cozy backyard. 

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