06 August 2012

Home Inspiration || More living room

If you follow me on Pinterest you probably already know that most of the things I've been thinking about lately are home related. I showed you some of my inspiration for our living room, inspiration for our bedroom and I've continued to collect inspirations. It's coming along slowly but surely but we definitely need furniture. We also definitely need to get rid of some junk. And by we I mean me. SIDENOTE: Trev's pretty much a no frill, only the basics kinda guy- he's the type that could probably,definitely create a pretty damn good life living in the middle of the woods, into the wild style (without dying). But me, I have so much shit. So many chotchkies and collections and things I think I can't survive without. Bleh!

So anyways, this shows the basic layout of our space.... you know, without that crooked wall and stuff. what makes decorating a bit difficult is that the living room space is pretty large. It is definitely nice to have the space but somewhat difficult to create a cozy room. Any ideas or pointers? It's so exciting to have so many possibilities but a bit overwhelmed too. Here are some (more) spaces that inspire me : )

Hmmm maybe I should paint it white? Also, I'm in search for the perfect hutch so if you've got suggestions give me a holler.

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